Appraisal Management Resources, LLC.
Appraisal Independence    
Non-Influence, HVCC & AIR Compliance

We certify that Appraisal Management Resources, LLC is an independent, third party appraisal management company. All Appraisal reports are completed in compliance of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) and strict policy of non-influence.

Appraiser selection was completed at the sole discretion of Appraisal Management Resources. Appraisal Management Resources selection is based on (including but not limited to) the appraisers proximity to the subject property, availability, performance, and past quality.

At no time is any indication or request of a predetermined value proposed to the assigned Appraiser through any communication.  Purchase transactions, the Purchase Agreement was provided to appraiser per USPAP Standards Rule  1-5(a).

Appraisal Management Resources, LLC.
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